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In order to relieve officers of stress and make the IPPIS information retrieval seamless. The Force has decided to create this platform to allow officers serving all over the country make use of this portal to retrieve their IPPIS number.

Officers need no longer travel far or call CFOs / OC MSS for IPPIS number. Please use the form on this page to retrieve you IPPIS number.

How to Obtain IPPIS Number

  1. Select Employee Category e.g 'Civlian Staff'
  2. Choose Rank e.g 'ASP', *When civilian staff is selected, rank is automatically civilian.
  3. Enter your Force/AP/Civilian Number
  4. Click Show to reveal your IPPIS Data page
Show Number

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Warning:  This site is only for police officers, if you have stumbled on this site by error, please close the browser NOW! all IPs and activities are being monitored.